Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Update - TrickorTreat

CMA Awards!
watching the CMAs.. compliments of Brian's face mask.

Erin came over to carve pumpkins. I know, Halloween is already over and done with but because of Hurricane Sandy our Trick-or-Treating was postponed a few days so I had to postpone my pumpkin carving so they wouldn't be all rotten and gross for the treaters.

my pumpkin :)
Erin's pumpkin, boo!
After the pumpkin carving, Diana joined us and we ventured out to my friend Scott's birthday/Halloween party. No pictures from that, but I did good with the pumpkin photos, right? The party was fun though, we didn't stay too long but we did get in a game of beer pong. Even if me/Diana lost.. it was close.  Also, my Hilltoppers won their first playoff game.. Go Toppers!

Work work work.. actually it wasn't bad at all. Easy day for me. After work it was home to scare trick-or-treaters! We normally go all out: scary music, scary masks, scary decor, lots of candy, etc. but because of the whole delay my dad/Brian aren't home (in southern Ohio for hunting) it was just me and Mom. But after the very first treaters we had whom parents shared with us that they love coming to our house because it's always scary and spooky and fun we both felt bad for our lack of preparedness. I threw on Brian's carhart jumpsuit thing and the Michael Myers mask, grabbed my iPod and set it to play the Halloween theme continuously, and boom our house transformed (at least somewhat) into a house of terror. Next year we're going BIG to make up for this year. After the treaters came and went, we walked a few houses down for the annual neighborhood post-treating porch party. lots of wine, pudding shots, and caramel-cider moonshine.. it was more of a halloWINE than halloween. Also, my Buckeyes won.. AGAIN! they actually killed the Illini, 10-0!!!!

Here we go Brownies, here we go! woof woof!! Well, the Browns lost. but on the bright side I actually got a lot accomplished for a Sunday. The day ended with a little Remember The Titans -one of my all-time favorite movies. and Joel Osteen. I've been watching his sermons the past few Sundays, and I really enjoy them. last night was all about not letting other people get under your skin. really good message.

10/29-11/4 Goals
1:: clean my room (dust, vacuum, laundry.. etc). -I did some laundry, and my room is definitely cleaner than it was, but I still never got around to dusting. and by never getting around to it I mean I hate dusting and am trying my hardest to ignore it.
2:: make progress on my dvd organization.
3:: catch up on tv shows I dvred.
4::carve my pumpkin.
5:: survive hurricane Sandy.

eh, not too bad... 3.5/5

11/5-11/11 Goals
1:: do better on my goals.
2:: eat healthier. 
3:: finish the book I'm currently reading.
4:: catch up on laundry, keep room clean.
5:: drink more water.

life is good


  1. Hallowine, I love it. Caramel cider moonshine?! That's awesome. The face mask cracked me up, what a great photo.

    1. the cider moonshine was so good! I'm going to try and make a similar version of it one day.

  2. Thank you SO much for linking up again with us this week! You're constant support and linking up means the world to me :)

    You did well last week! Good job! I'm loving your goals for this week too- I like that you always have some fun ones in finishing a book- that's a great and self rewarding goal, I love it! Good luck with the rest of them- you can do it!

    Also, sounds like you had a GREAT weekend. Loving your carved pumpkins :) And I'm with Steph- Caramel cider moonshine?! Sign me up!

    Have an awesome week, my friend!

    1. of course, I love the link-up.. keeps me motivated! It definitely was a great weekend! Happy Monday! :)

  3. "do better on my goals" should be one of my goals too! i love it. good luck this week!!

    1. haha thank you! I'm trying to go 5/5 on this one.

  4. I have ALWAYS had trouble with cleaning my room - I get so distracted by all of the cool stuff that I find that I'd forgotten about! Now that I have a whole house to clean, I'm trying to be better about it, haha.

    Thanks so much for linking up for 5 for Five!!

    1. it's always my clothes that make my room messy, but I finally got it under control this week!


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