Thursday, December 27, 2012

blizzard warning.

good ol Chardon, OH had a blizzard warning in effect yesterday afternoon until this morning. but that didn't stop me from seeing Ashley and Erin and scarfing down Melt.
that's right folks, Ashley is back from Hawaii for a whole nine months!! yaayyyaayayya!! that's right folks we went to Melt to celebrate her arrival home. I tried the Cleveland Cheese Steak and it was one of the best things I've ever eaten. pilled high with thinly sliced beef, grilled onions and mushrooms, and cheese.. I of course got mine without peppers though.. a little sriracha hot sauce to dip into and it was phenom. I did take a picture, but it's on my old phone.

which brings me to my next item of business. Santa.

Santa was so good to me this year. I got a new phone -Droid Razr Maxx HD. my Blackberry gave me a great two years but it was time to move on to bigger and better things. I haven't even had this phone for 24hrs and I already love it. I couldn't get any fun apps on my Blackberry #blackberryproblems and now I can get them all things like snapchat, words with friends, blogger, etcetc. aside from my phone I also got::
a fit bit -it tracks steps taken, if stairs are involved, calories burned, sleeping habits, etcetc. 
three, yes THREE, bottles of ThreeOlives Dude Vodka  my favorite (courtesy of Brian, Randy/Melissa, and Mo/James)
a few new books thanks Brian!
a Browning shirt, for my year of camo. some Buckeye and Browns slipper socks, and a red solo cup car decal. thanks Randy/Melissa!
claddagh ring.
CLE Indians calendar.
a corkcicle to keep my wine chilled.
$100 to iTunes.
$50 to Amazon.
$25 to JCP, popcorn, chapstick, etc. thanks Gram!
$50 cash thanks Uncle Mike and Aunt Gina!
$13 in lottery winnings. 
homemade Hooch thanks Unlcle Rod and Aunt Rhona!
and I think everyone loved the gifts I gave, which is awesome.
Gram absolutely loved her tv and was so surprised. we got it all set up for her, she couldn't believe the color and clarity. she also loved the Kindle Fire my parents/aunt&uncle got for her.

Christmas Eve 2012.

what did Santa bring you?!?

life is good


  1. Those shirts are too funny. Santa was really good to you! Yay for the new phone!

    1. haha new family tradition with the shirts. I'm loving my phone, if you couldn't tell lol

  2. Where on earth did you get those shirts?! My mom's favourite movie is Christmas Vacation (also my most-hated). I'd love to get these as a pre-Christmas gift for the family next year!

    1. I searched "Christmas Vacation shirts" on Amazon, which lead me to but there were other websites too. tvstoreonline was great, fast shipping and good quality. hope this helps!


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