Monday, December 31, 2012

Weekend Update - Fifty

I opened Beans Coffee Shop, which meant getting up at 4:45am. I'm so not a morning person. after a long day of work it was home to relax. I planned on just having a quiet night at home and crash out early, but then I got a phone call from Gram. she picked up a router, and a few other items, and was wondering when I could hook it up for her. so instead of a quiet night at home I got, dinner at Bob Evans which was way better than I could've imagined, like it was a great meal for cheap then I hooked up her router so she can get wi-fi for her new Kindle. she was so excited. I gave her a quick tutorial of how to use the Kindle, but it was so late that we called it a night.

I worked 8-230, then it was home to get ready for Mr. Lear's surprise 50th birthday party that's Melissa's dad. the party was in CLE at the House of Blues, we had a private room, it was so much fun. afterwards we wandered to the casino for a bit and a few other bars before finishing the night at Melissa's co-worker's apartment. overall it was a really fun night.

Dad and a statue
giant vodka bottles with Shannon.
Randy//Melissa in the casino
winner winner!
don't ask....

home, after eating at Cracker Barrel, to watch the Browns lose. oh and we also stopped at Grams again to get her new HD cable boxed hooked up dad did that part.

2013 Goals
1:: use my fitbit regularly, work out, eat healthy-er.
2:: go outside my comfort zone more.. begin my "make your own bucketlist" and "this is not a book" books.
3:: make more progress with my 101 list, and document it.
4:: catch up with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, watch Seinfeld and HIMYM, and read 20 books, and catch up with my movies.
5:: continue to enjoy life... life is good!

here's to a great 2012 and to an even better 2013.. hope everyone has one hell of a NYE!!

life is good



  1. So fun! Can't wait for toooonight!!!

    1. I had a blast, a great way to end 2012 and bring in 213.

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    Here's the link for it if you would like to check it out.


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