Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Update - Christmas Tree Shopping

I made Christmas cookies. post in detail about that later this week... tomorrow? Erin helped me, and we even made these pretzel Hershey Kiss things from pinterest.

work, and then straight from work to babysit two of my younger cousins. we had a good time playing Sorry.. I won by the way.. and the Wii, along with a memorable Burger King run, and a visit to Grams house. the night ended with some Duck Dynasty and all three of us crashing out in the living room. after listening to Gangnam Style one too many times.

it was time to pick out the 2012 Lane Family Christmas Tree. a post on that later this week, as well. that was a good time too.. as always.. my family is crazy. I love it. and ANOTHER BROWNS WIN!! here we go Brownies, here we go! woof woof!! oh, and a lot of playing The Sims 3, which Erin got me for Christmas.. 90sGirlProblems.

12/3-12/9 Goals
1:: send out Christmas cards.
2:: laundry, laundry, laundry.
3:: dust my room.
4:: drink 2 tumblers of water everyday.
5:: finalize Christmas present gift ideas.

so I sucked really bad on this 5forfive. oops! I barely did laundry, and I only got a little farther with the Christmas present ideas... although I do already have a lot of my shopping done... as for the rest, I wasnt even close.

12/10-12/16 Goals
1:: send out Christmas cards.
2:: laundry!
3:: finalize Christmas gift ideas.
4:: decorate the Lane Family Christmas Tree.
5:: clean my room.

How was your weekend??
life is good


  1. Oh man I cannot wait to hear all about the Lane Christmas Tree! And see it all decorated.
    Here's to being better with our goals this week...

    1. just posted about Christmas at my house!

  2. Christmas cards are so much fun! I should have put that on my 5 for five goal list...oh well, maybe next week (:

    Great blog! Good luck on your goals and have a fantastic wek!

    1. I made my cards on they were having a huge discount offer. thanks for following! :)

  3. You have been such a rock star at past 5 for Fives, you earned a "slack week!" Hopefully this week goes better for meeting your goals!!

    1. I've already made some progress, this should be a good 5forfive week!


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