Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas at the Lanes

Happy Holidays!

here's just a few of our many decorations...

our stockings:: dad- camo;; mom- snowman;; Randy- TMNT;; me- Winnie the Pooh;; Brian- ScoobyDoo.

and of course the Christmas lights....

red, white, and blue.. very Christmas-y, right?
blue, green, and red lights shining on the house for added color.
candy cane lights, tree lights, and the red/white/blue.

and a new addition this year, courtesy of Brian....

a deer. hanging from a tree.

welcome to my life.

then the Lane Family Christmas Tree... step one.. picking it out, and cutting it down.

Dad and Brian with the 2012 Lane Family Christmas Tree
the process of making it ours.

this years tree is just over 12 feet. we average around that height every year. also, while my dad was sawing it down Brian was pulling it towards him and when my dad cut all the way through Brian went flying back and the tree basically fell on top of him, it was so funny. Brian is okay, he just got muddy (thats Mom trying to wipe some of the mud off of him). even another couple saw it happen, which made it even funnier. this year was record timing, we found this tree in no more than 15min. seriously. it was that fast. normally it takes us forever. but not this year. and as always there was a lot of quotes from Christmas Vacation being thrown around. "Dad, that thing wont even fit in our yard!" ... "it's not going in our yard, Russ. it's going in our living room."
I'll be sure to post a picture once we decorate it, too!

 Merry Christmas from my family to yours!!

life is good


  1. Haha it is all awesome! I love the stockings, and the deer - oh my. with the red lights streaming down no less. I hope no kids drive by!!
    Can't wait to see the tree decorated.

    1. thats my little brother for ya. luckily all of our neighbors already love us//know we're crazy haha

  2. How neat that you cut down your own tree - it's a beaut!


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