Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend Update - Save The World

worked, then relaxed the whole night. I watched Michael Buble's entire Christmas special just so I could see Blake Shelton sing. then I watched Toy Story on 25 Days of Christmas. and a little Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. exciting life, huh?

worked, then celebrated. throughout the year my family, my aunt/uncle/cousins, and various friends save all of our beer/pop cans and recycle them. with the money we get from saving the earth my aunt/uncle throw a party. this year they rented out a bar. cheap drinks and free food all night. it was a blast! we all played drinking games the whole night, it was really a fun time.

unfortunately, I got food poisoning at the party or something. because all day I was sick, and not like hungover sick, but real actual sick. it had to have been food poisoning, and even my mom said her stomach was bothering her too. I'm feeling better now though.. so that's good. oh, and I watched the Survivor finale, and I'm happy that Denise won -she deserved it! and my Brownies lost.

12/10-12/16 Goals
1:: send out Christmas cards.
2:: laundry.
3:: finalize Christmas gift ideas.
4:: decorate the Lane Family Christmas Tree.
5:: clean my room.
I didn't do too bad this week. got my Christmas cards sent, the tree is up and decorated, gift ideas are solid, I just would have liked to get a little more laundry done. and let's just be honest, this room is not getting clean until after the holidays, I just have way too many gifts and such taking up space right now.
12/17-12/23 Goals 
1:: finish my Christmas shopping.
2:: go to the Ortho.
3:: watch 25 Days of Christmas and season four of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
4:: wrap the Christmas gifts
5:: survive the "end of the world"

life is good


  1. Haha I forgot about the end of the world being this week! Good luck with your goals. Sorry you got food poisoning! Feel better.

    1. there's no way I could forget, my family jokes about it way too much..


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