Friday, January 4, 2013

"America, Jesus, Freedom"

 ^ name that movie... The Campaign

1. Have you set any goals/resolutions for 2013?
   not exactly, I don't see why it has to be a new year to make changes.. just do it whenever you want.

2. Have you made any travel/vacation plans for 2013?
   kinda. my family is talking about going to Kings Island in Cincinnati, OH. it's this awesome amusement park, we used to go every other year but as we got older it didn't fit with our schedules. and there's usually a Niagara Falls trip every year. and Las Vegas 2014 is in the works.

3. What room is never cleaned in your house?
    my mom keeps our house pretty neat most the time. but my room and Brian's room is basically always a mess. maybe that will be my goal for 2013, keep my room cleaner.

4. What food must be in your house at all times?
     chicken nuggets. and milk. and hot sauce. and ketchup. we usually always have snack foods too.

5. Are you a hugger or more of a hands off person?
     that depends. if I don't see you that often and I'm close with you I'll hug you no problem, but if I see you all the time then maybe once in a while I'll give you a hug otherwise we can pass on that.

Dear 2012, thanks for a great run. it 'twas fun. some great memories were made, but it's time to move on. good bye.

Dear 2013, 2012 was good to me so I have some high expectations for you. don't let me down. please. I plan on making many more memories, sharing lots of laughs, and drinking lots of wine with my friends.

Dear Randy & Melissa, thanks for a great NYE. I had a blast playing all those games with everyone. "take your gulps seriously" ;; "citizens arrest you cheater" ;; "oink oink mother fucker"

Dear Al, thanks for the awesome Christmas present. she got me a camo winter hat!

Dear Ashley, I'm so happy you're back in Ohio. Hawaii was just too far away for you to be.

Dear Mom & Dad, thanks for all the amazing Christmas presents, you guys are the best ever.

life is good


  1. I think my new years resolution is mostly my 101 list. I'd rather check things off that than make big vague resolutions.
    Although, I did resolve to watch all the seasons of tv shows I own on DVD over again :)
    I hear you on hugging - I am so not a hugger... and I really hate strangers touching me.

    1. rewatching tv shows sounds like my kinda resolution haha

  2. Mmm that post makes me want chicken nuggets!

    1. chicken nuggets are my favorite, yumm!!


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