Tuesday, January 22, 2013


obsessions. right now one would think I'd be obsessed with The Bachelor. especially since it's Sean. but instead I'm obsessed with hockey. is that weird? that's weird. sadly it's true though. I've recently became obsessed with hockey. I've never been a big hockey person but the other day I learned a lot of the rules and really got into it. Go Blue Jackets, and Go Flyers! I decided those are the two team I like. the BJackets lost last night, in a shoot out. it was intense and awesome, except for the fact that they lost.

 alright, seven people I'd like to meet. that's a tough one, there are so many people I'd like to meet. how am I supposed to narrow it to seven... I'll give it a shot though...

Brad Paisley
my favorite country singer. he's humble, funny, and a Cleveland Browns fan. match made in Heaven? I think so. move over Kimberly. 

Rob Dyrdek
 Rob is hilarious, and crazy, and I love every second of it. I think he'd be super fun to hang out with. he makes me crack up. and he's a fellow Ohioan!

Zac Efron
 anyone that knows me, I think knows that I am in love with Zac. he's so freakin attractive. and look at him with that football.. are you kidding me?!

Luke Bryan
 oh Luke. just look at him. how would anyone not want to meet him. I mean seriously. he's funny, and country, and a fantastic singer. and he always wears a ball cap, that's just an extra bonus. he just seems like a genuinely nice guy.

Emma Stone
 I think Emma Stone is brilliant. I think she's hysterical, and a phenomenal actress. I love Easy A, and Crazy Stupid Love. It would be so cool to meet Emma, I feel like she'd be super down to earth.

Ellen Degeneres
 I love watching her talk show. Ellen is hilarious. and super nice, always giving to charities and giving away money/trips. and she tends to stay in touch with those people, which I think is awesome.

James Laurinatis 
  my all-time favorite Buckeye. now playing for St Louis. he'll always be one of my favorite players, no matter what team he's on. "I got a disease, and it's called Laurinatis"

Dane Sanzenbacher
 another previous Buckeye. now playing for Da Bears. again, someone who will always be one of my favorite players no matter what team he's on. Go Sanzy!

Omar Vizquel
  former Indian, former MLB player. was my favorite player since I started having favorite players. I followed him from team to team always making sure I went to an Indians game when they were playing Omar. he'll always be my favorite ball player, even if he's retired now.

okay so that was nine.. but oh well.. deal with it.
and those were in no particular order.. although Mr. Paisley would probably be numero uno.

honorable mentions::
Seth MacFarland
Denzel Washington
Ryan Gosling
Jennifer Aniston
Carrie Underwood
Miranda Lambert
Kip Moore
Kenny Chesney
Tim McGraw
Jack Hannahan
Adam Sandler
Jake Gyllenhaal
Danny 'Boobie' Gibson
Asdrubal Cabrera
The Ghost Adventures guys
Josh Duhamel
Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings

but let's be real for a second. if any one of these people actually talked to me I'd have a heart attack. I'd probably just freeze and respond with something like "Mr./Mrs. (last name here) blah blah blah (like Charlie Browns teacher)"

life is good


  1. haha at least you would be polite meeting any one of these people! haha if I were to meet anyone on my list I would probably accidentally say something offensive I would be so nervous! haha great list!!!

  2. I love Emma Stone! I just watched Easy A last night with Randy. Love it!

    1. on FX?! I saw it was on but I knew Dad wouldn't want to watch that lol


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