Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Update - MEGAticket

worked. then home to relax, watched Contraband and Looper. I really enjoyed Looper. Contraband was pretty good too. both solid movies. I highly recommend Looper, it's that good. and that was my Friday.. exciting, right?

worked. then home to chill out. work was cray-cray. it was 'winter fest' on the Square. Chardon has a square in like the middle of the town, and various events are held there every year. winter fest brought a shit-ton of people. but I had my country music playing to keep me relaxed and focused.. bee-tea-dubs, the country megaticket was announced Friday- this summer is going to be amazeballs, they stacked the house with great performers. I will most def be buying the megaticket and attending the concerts. I'M SO EXCITED!! and I'm sure you'll hear more about that as we make our way towards summer. anyways, after work it was home to just chill out. watched Syracuse take down #1 Louisville, and unfortunately my Buckeyes lost to MichSt. I don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan, we're from OHIO. then Dad and I watched Moonshiners. hah.

slept in. watched more shows with Dad, some kinda bacon show and How It's Made. we tend to watch random shows. then a little hockey, I'm not big on hockey, but I'm becoming more of a hockey person. then of course I had to watch the big games. congrats to the 49ers.. hope you win the superbowl.

1/14-1/20 Goals
 1:: go to classes and complete any homework assigned.
2:: finish It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, season five.
3:: do my Crest White Strips every day.
4::continue to use my fitbit daily, and log the info.
5:: laundry.

I started my homework, but didn't finish it yet. but it's not due until Wednesday so I still have time. and laundry didn't happen, at all. oops. 3.5/5

1/21-1/27 Goals
1:: laundry
2:: get season six of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
3:: organize movies
4:: finish the book I'm reading
5:: buy the country MegaTicket

life is good



  1. homework is overrated anyway!

  2. I'm stopping by from the 5for5 hop. Your blog is so cute! I love how you've added the photo's of your family on your sidebar too. I think everyone hates laundry, sometimes i think about going naked. That'd be weird and i want to much stuff {don't we all} to be fired. I'm a new follower via Bloglovin. I hope your having a great Monday!


    1. thank you! I'll definitely check out your blog too! :)


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