Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Update - brace free

got my braces off!!!! and I worked. but mainly I got my braces off!!!!!

before and after.. what a difference.

work again.. and then had a "I finally got my braces off after 8 years" party. it was awesome. I'll allow the pictures to speak for themselves...

1: a zebra with braces card. 2: Congratulations card. 3: my Grandma is the best
Me and Ashley
laughing at my cousin James.
"party naked" cause my teeth are naked now.. get it?
Randy's friend, Mike.
Malone's little brother, Marky.
my friends.. me, Erin, Ashley, D.
that's my dad! and myself, and Erin.

the aftermath.. blood on the wall.
recovery day. and we went to see Zero Dark Thirty. which was really well done. I definitely recommend seeing it.

1/14-1/20 Goals
 1:: go to classes and complete any homework assigned.
2:: finish It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, season five.
3:: do my Crest White Strips every day.
4::continue to use my fitbit daily, and log the info.
5:: laundry.

life is good


  1. Yay! You look AWESOME! Why the hell was there blood on the wall?! Haha

    1. thanks Melis! the blood was from Zach Barry, I guess he was playing the knuckles punching game with James or something..

  2. Congratulations on getting your braces off! Also, is it just me or does Mike look super interested in your mouth?! Bwaahaha fabulous!

    Thanks for linking up with me and Syndal, Cassie!


    1. thank you!! that's Mike for ya, he's crazy hahah

  3. Congrats on the loss of your braces!

  4. Yayyyy! Congratulations :) In elementary school I actually wanted braces because all my friends had them. CRAZY.

    Continue the celebration by eating some Tootsie Rolls. And Swedish Fish. And Sour Patch Kids. Anything sticky and chewy you can get your hands on :-P

    1. thank you! my friends got me a bunch of chewy sticky candy so I've been stuffing my face hahah I love it!


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