Thursday, February 7, 2013

ABC 123

I saw this post over at They Call Her Meghan and thought it'd be fun...

the ABC's of Cassandra Lee that's me.  
and yes I wrote it like that so it would rhyme.

Age:: twenty-three. hollaaa.
Bed size:: twin.
Chore you hate:: at home, folding laundry and putting it away; at work, vacuuming.
Dogs:: no dog currently, but I used to have yellow lab named Penny. labs are def my fav.

Penny Lane <3
of course she was a Buckeye fan.

Essential start to your day:: checking my phone. everything on my phone- texts, twitter, facebook, email..
Favorite color:: red. blue. green.
Gold or silver:: silver. fosho.
Height:: 5'2" on a good day.
Instruments you play:: I can play Mary Had A Little Lamb on the piano. but that's all I got.
Job title:: student, volleyball coach, barista.
Kids:: in the future.
Live:: in Ohio. Go Buckeyes!

Married:: nope.
Nicknames:: Cassie (real name is Cassandra), Cass, C Lane, Vodka -don't ask...
Overnight hospital stays:: jaw surgery -three days.. three very long days.
Pet peeve:: when people don't drive the speed limit. when people don't push in their chairs.
Quote:: "win like you've won before, lose like it's a good change of pace" ;; "pain is only a weakness leaving the body" ;; "if winning wasn't everything they wouldn't keep score"
Righty or lefty:: right.
Siblings:: two brothers- one older, one younger.

my bros.
Time you wake up:: depends on if I have to work, go to school, or do nothing.
University attended:: Kent State University.
Veggies you dislike:: cucumber, peppers, radishes, beets, celery, basically anything gross.
What makes you run late:: I'm typically not late, I like having a schedule and sticking to it, but some possibilities are... sleep, facebook/twitter/blogging.
X-rays you've had:: mouth/teeth/jaw, knee, ankles. mostly the mouth.
Yumm food:: anything 'American'. burgers, chicken nuggets, steak. and desserts. and Chinese food.
 Zoo favorite animal:: I honestly have no idea.. I like dolphins.

life is good

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