Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I will finally be replying to comments through e-mail. it only took me eight months to figure that out. sorry for my lack of convenience. but here on out it should work. to quote Happy Gilmore: "where were you on that one dipshit?"

also, I just want to say that if you're ever in the CLE that's Cleveland area you should def check out Zocalo's it's a restaurant on the very popular East 4th street. and it's DAMN GOOD. especially on Tuesdays when it's half price giant-ass-mouth-watering tacos, and $5 giant-ass-mouth-watering margaritas. plus, it's within walking distance to Jacob's Field progressive field I guess is what people call it now and the Q. which is very convenient for a gal like me, who attends a crapload of Indians/Cavs/Monsters games.

oh, and if you're rich, they even offer outrageously priced shots... a $250 shot is the most expensive one.

proof it exists.
who the hell buys that?! cause I would love to be your friend. seriously. call me.

in other news, went to another Monsters hockey game last night. we lost in a shoot-out, but it was, once again, such a fun time. and I beat my record of being on the jumbotron four times.. this time I got on it SIX TIMES. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to beat that. but I'll definitely try every time. and there was a little boy sitting behind us, who was super stoked we got him on the jumbrotron too.

ignore my overly squinty eyes. thanks.

and I got to see Tassone play. Tassone is the player who gave me a puck at the last game.. but he only has a 25 game contract so I didn't get to see him play. this time he did play. and you better believe I cheered loud and proud for him.

there he is!! GO TASSONE #26!

well, leave me a comment or something so I can actually reply to it now.

life is good

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