Friday, February 15, 2013


I haven't done one-a these in a while...

one:: Safe Haven is a fantastic movie. go see it. 
two:: festivities. such as, Fat Tuesday, Lent, Valentine's Day.
three:: momma and dad gave me a hundo for Valentine's Day.. that's $100. I love my parents.
four:: Spring Training started.. which means spring, and baseball, are right around the corner.
five:: I've been working out and eating healthier. I even ordered a salad at dinner last night. a freaking salad people! 

Kiss Me by Jillian Dodd

goodreads:: I've always written scripts for my perfect life. But no way could I have ever scripted this. My life is so far from perfect, it’s not even funny. All because of a stalker. I’m at a boarding school where I have to lie about who I am. I can’t see my family. I’m tutoring a Hottie God that tortures me with his smile. The most popular girl already hates me. But there’s this boy. This hot, sweet, sexy boy. So I’m going to stop trying to script my life and just live it. Because who knows how long I have left.

me:: very good. just as good as the first book, Stalk Me. quick easy read. the characters drag you in and you won't want to stop reading. I really enjoyed it.

Flicker by Melanie Hooyenga

goodreads:: Biz is a perfectly normal teenager except for one minor detail: she uses sunlight to jump back to yesterday. She takes advantage of flickering by retaking Trig tests, fixing fights with her boyfriend (or reliving the making up), and repeating pretty much anything that could be done better. Trouble is, flickering makes her head explode from the inside. Or feel like it anyway. No one knows about her freakish ability and she’s content to keep it that way. Guys don’t stick around because she refuses to let them in, but all that changes when Cameron, her best friend, starts looking oh-so-yummy. Suddenly she’s noticing his biceps, his smile, and the cute way his eyes crinkle when he—gah! This is her friend! But the butterflies come to a screeching halt when little girls start disappearing, then take a nosedive when the police link the kidnappings to Cameron’s sister, who vanished years earlier. As the police grasp for clues, Biz photographs a strange man lurking in the shadows and realizes that her flickering can help more than just herself.

me:: I read this book by chance.. and I'm glad I read it. I thought it was great, although somewhat predictable, the ending was awesome. again, another quick easy read. first one in a series.

Happy Friday!!

life is good



  1. I came here to comment on Book Club, but instead I'm jealous that I still haven't seen Safe Haven! haha

  2. Kiss me sounds good!! I'm always looking for new books to read! Your ad is up and running on Simplistic Living, thanks for stopping by! xox


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