Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm a survivor.. I'm not gon give up..

Survivor started last night!! I love Survivor. I, sadly, have not missed a season, in all 26 seasons. should I be embarrassed by that?

anyways, it's a Fan vs Favorites season, but no, Boston Rob is not on it. but I strongly believe that he is the best player to have ever played the game.

who takes 2nd place, with only losing to his now wife, comes back for another season and wins the whole damn thing?
this guy...

best. player. ever.
there's a crazy cast of favorites.. should definitely be a great season.

on a different note, Melissa brought this greatness to my attention. if you're bored, if you need a laugh, or if you just want to feel better about yourself, go to Craigslist and read the 'Missed Connections' you will not be disappointed. it is hilarious. I was in tears laughing at these people. I'm sorry but who is seriously going to read those, besides people like me who just want to laugh?! no one, that's who. unless they're equally as weird. in which case, God bless.

oh, and Happy Valentine's Day! I believe I'm going to see Safe Haven with Ashley, and possibly Erin, tonight. girls night out - hoorah!

life is good



  1. I watched the first two seasons of Survivor. I never would have guessed that it is on its 26th! That is cray!!

    And I'm glad I could introduce you to it. All of the personals are great. Super gross and unsettling, but great nonetheless.

  2. 26 seasons?! I had no idea! I've never watched.

    I cannot wait to check out the craigslist ads!

  3. OMG He is HOT... Happy Valentines day to you chica!!

  4. ah i have been wanting to see safe haven! the trailer looks so good xo annalizbeth


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