Thursday, February 21, 2013

just another Thursday...

it's okay that...

...I turned on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives too late and missed the restaurant he visited in Ohio.'s snowing.
...I've had a sinus issue going on since Friday.
...I can't have pop, chips, or ice cream until Easter. dad is quite possibly the worst draw something drawer ever. I'll share some of his artistic work one of these days.
...I want to go to a southern state so I can eat a seafood po' boy. or find a place up here that sells them.
...I seriously just googled po' boys in Ohio, but there are none. well one in Columbus.. which is a 3hr drive.
...I think Jerry Seinfeld is hilarious. mouth waters every time I watch Food Network.
...I haven't really been reading the book I started to read.
...I got an instagram, casslane10 -follow meh.
...that I just said meh. Flyers won!
...I really have no idea what to title this post. whatever it is, I'm sure isn't thrilling.

The Amazing Spider-Man 
pretty good, I suppose. I didn't think it was as good as Tobey Maguire's version. if you like spiderman I'd recommend it.. otherwise, don't waste your time.

Safe Haven
I've said it before on here, Safe Haven was fantastic. brilliant. amazing. go see it, seriously, you will not be disappointed. it's that good. plus, Josh Duhamel is in it. go see it. now. go.  

life is good


  1. No pop, chips, or ice cream? Go you!
    And instead of Columbus, you should drive to Chicago. We like food here. There's a lot of places with po' boys and I do, in fact, know one with a seafood po' boy. So come here :)

  2. And in case you're wondering, google Heaven on Seven on Rush st and read the dinner menu. Then tell me you don't want to come here.


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