Tuesday, February 19, 2013

an Ohio tour

yesterday myself, dad, and gram went to the ever popular West Side Market, located in Cleveland, Ohio.

it was my first time there, and it was so much fun.. I can't wait to go back.

we started off visiting the produce along side the market. dad bought a few things: hot peppers, potatoes, bananas.. gram bought a few things herself.

then it was into the actual WSM. since it was closed for a month or so from fire damage, and yesterday was the first day opened again, the place was packed. but so neat. we got even more goodies inside.. dad bought various meats to bring home bacon, chicken wings, eye round, sausages, etc, and we all sampled some kinda bbq beef stick that's what my dad told the man, meaning he wanted a smokie but what the guy gave us were not beef smokies but it was delish. seriously so good. gram bought chicken on a stick, which was also good.

we then made our way out of the market to eat lunch. we walked down to a restaurant that we heard buys all their ingredients from the WSM, but unfortunately it was closed. we ended up at a tiny coffee shop, and enjoyed a cup of coffee with Baileys unbelievably good! we ventured into the Great Lakes Brewery just to take a quick peek, and snap some pictures to send to friends/family. then it was to finally eat lunch. after the first lunch failure, we heard Nate's Deli was a great place to go, so we figured we'd try that. Nate's was good, we all got some type of corned-beef sandwich. and it was very fast food-delivery I'm talking like 5min. at a sit-down restaurant that was jam packed.

overall, a very fun day spent with my dad and gram. it was a good first experience there and, like I said, I will definitely be going back. next time I'm trying the made-to-order crepes.. they looked ridic good.

@clane10:: "I'm left handed and I have a lazy eye, how do you think I can cut vegetables properly?" #FoodNetwork

@clane10:: "it could have been World War 5 and I'd have no idea" #ThingsMyGrandmaSays

@NotSCCleveland:: Happy Valentines Day to all Cleveland sports fans. Because if anyone needs a hug, it's us.

@italia2012:: when @clane10 tells you to do something. you do it. then later regret it. #missedconnections

@RainnWilson:: what if Dane Cook had a danish cook named Cane Dook. that'd be awesome.

life is good

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Coffee and Baileys is one of my favorite drinks when its cold outside! Hope your having a great day!


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