Wednesday, February 27, 2013

that really happened... part one.

first, I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge a tragic day one year ago today. today is the anniversary of the Chardon High School shooting. I continue to pray for the victim's families, the students/teachers who had to witness that madness, and for hope that we can continue to gain strength as a school and a community.

but now, I give you some of the most random stories/memories that I've experienced in my life (random wednesday).. enjoy.

  • I went to the American Idol concert one year, Chris Daughtry, Taylor Hicks, Kellie Pickler's season, and during a quiet moment while Taylor Hicks was doing a guitar change I yelled as loud as I possible could and my family is pretty damn loud "I love you Taylor" and he stopped for a second and looked my direction. I kid you not. my mom witnessed it. Taylor Hicks heard me.
  • for any football fans... I once met stood silently in front of Ted Ginn Jr., Antonio Pittman, and Anthony Gonzalez. they played for my Ohio State Buckeyes, I stood in line to get their autographs and when it came time to receive those autographs I stood there and stared at them like some kinda freak weirdo. then when Gonzalez handed me back my shirt I said ridiculously fast "thank you" and ran off like some kinda freak weirdo. Ted Ginn Jr now plays for the SanFran49ers.. who just appeared in a little thing called the Super Bowl.
  • once in Niagara Falls, Canada, I was walking the strip with Malone and Olivia, and a lady probably in her upper 30s//early 40s stopped us in a black suv. we all thought she was going to ask for directions, when she actually asked us if we "know where to buy weed." the three of us just kinda looked at each other wondering if this was a real question, before politely saying "no, sorry." in no way, shape, or form, did we look like we'd know where to purchase weed. it was the craziest question I've ever been asked in my life.
  • my first year coaching 8th grade volleyball we went undefeated, 16-0. it was unbelievable. and one of my most prized accomplishments. it still blows my mind that we really went undefeated. 
  •  every time my family has stayed in a hotel room, as far back as I can remember, we've written "redrum" on the bathroom mirror when the glass fogs up. even on our own home bathroom mirrors. if you're not familiar with redrum it's from The Shining. 
  •  when I was 21 years old, my parents took me to Las Vegas. while there we spent a day at the Hoover Dam. to take a tour of the dam you had to pay for tickets. while paying for tickets the lady mentioned that children 13&under are cheaper. to which my dad pointed at me and said "yea, well, she's twelve" I was twenty-one. the lady didn't even question him, or me.
  • when I was a junior in high school I got in a car accident. t-boned a car at the end of my street on a foggy morning, and completely totaled my car. everyone was fine, but my airbag deployed which left me a little shook up if you ask me I was fine but people thought differently so off I went in an ambulance to the hospital. the cop came by to give me the deets on the crash, and he said "well, if it makes you feel any better the people you hit are illegal immigrants" yepp. I crashed into two Czechoslovakian people whos visas expired seven years prior. I basically saved the country.. but I still got a ticket. 

Happy Birthday Gram!! love ya! :) more on grandma tomorrow...

life is good



  1. Love this post! My favorite is "well she's twelve". Most awkward moment ever! I couldn't keep a straight face! Can't wait for next year!!!! WOOOOT WOOOOOT!

  2. Ok, the car accident... Hilarious now, but not at the time! Glad you're ok. And my darn cousins ran off when we told them it was time to go home ;)

  3. "Well she's twelve" ... story of my life. I'm 23 and still get carded when I want to buy an R-rated movie.

    How old are you? I haven't been able to figure it out based on pictures or posts lol.. Though this post helped me rule out "under 21" :)


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