Tuesday, February 26, 2013

first first things first.

first beverage choice:: (non-alcoholic) at restaurants I always just get water.. but anywhere else I'd say iced tea, specifically crystal light iced tea shits good.. unless it's morning time, then milk or oj. (alcoholic) three olives vodka and lemonade, or rum and diet coke, or a Mikes Hard.

first breakfast choice:: at home, either- leftovers, cereal, or toast. at a restaurant, almost always an omelet especially if it's at ihop, they have the best omelets.

first dessert choice:: something chocolate. but I'll go with, either ice cream cake or a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. yum!

life is good



  1. Leftovers for breakfast?! Did we just become best friends?

  2. Mmmmm...freshly baked cookies sound soo good right now! Glad you linked up with us today :)


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