Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Update - 90years

saw Safe Haven, which was such an awesome movie.. go see it. seriously. and Ashley gave me my birthday present my birthday is in November, but she was in Hawaii still and then just never had given me it yet after she got home but anyways, she gave me $23 cause I turned 23 and this sweet ass cup...

it's a serious party cup... and I love it.
finally signed up for an instagram account.. follow me casslane10 and you'll get to see pictures like the one above. exciting stuff people. then I worked. and my friend, Hannah-The-Baker, came into town for a bit. she came into Beans and we chatted, it was nice to catch up and see her again. I didn't really do much the rest of the night. my nose was stuffy all day.. boo.

unfortunately, I attended a funeral. Melissa's great grandma, whom was one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, passed away. the service was touching, and the luncheon afterwards was very well done. she's in a much better place now, I'm sure. Rest In Peace Grandma Dolly. I feel so blessed to have met you, and I'll always remember the fun bingo nights we had.

before Saturday night which was another girls night out.. I watched my Philly Flyers lose.
the night out was really fun, but holy cow did we get hit with snow overnight. the ride home was a slow and steady one.. and then I just crashed at Ashley's so I wouldn't have to drive myself in the blizzard. at 7am I woke up and left her house, and the roads still weren't that great.

went to a 90th birthday party. and drank sangria. yum! then watched my parents play 'draw something' it went like this...
 that is how my dad drew "rose." you're welcome.

life is good



  1. Aww. What sweet words about Grandma Dolly :o) Love you!

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend

  3. Glad you liked Safe Haven, I read the book but wasn't sure about the movie! Thanks for linking up :)


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