Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Update - Oscars 500

worked. then watched Surviving Christmas which was good, predictable, but good. and funny too. and Ben Affleck is in it, need I say more? after that I watched One For The Money which was also a pretty good movie. I'd recommend both of them. a little Duck Dynasty and I called it a night.

worked. which was kinda cray-cray.. not the most cray but pretty cray. afterwards it was home for a night in. I watched Taken 2 with dad and mom. then caught up on some dvr-ed shows, while playing my parents in Draw Something.
oh, then I was still wide awake at 1:20am so I hopped on instagram and somehow came across a Zac Efron page, and spent 15min no joke, a whole 15min looking at pictures of Zac. it didn't seem like that long, but unless my clock decided to go faster than normal that's how long it was. 

Daytona 500. I'm not typically one to watch cars drive in a circle, but I had to support Danica Patrick. plus, it was an excuse to enjoy a Mike's Hard.

The Oscars...
~SETH MACFARLANE?! please and thank you. I thought he did one hell of a job. simply, hilarious.
~did anyone else notice how Anne Hathaway's husband looks like Ryan Gosling?
~JLaw falling, that was super awk, cause it wasn't just a small trip it was a huge down for the count.
~I haven't seen Argo but I will eventually.. actually the only movie I saw was Zero Dark Thirty -which was amazing.. but I'm glad Benny Affleck won.
~I think acceptance speeches should only be 15 seconds long, at the max. no one wants to listen to them list off every name.. we don't know who they are and we don't care who they are. say a couple people and then just say "and thanks to everyone else" and be done with it.
~I'm just going to repeat myself, Seth MacFarlane was hilarious.

life is good


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  1. Surviving Christmas was filmed down the street from my house in Lincolnwood. It was when Ben and JLo were together, we totally stalked them at dinner.
    My favorite driver crashed early, it was so sad. And he was the cause of the crash, whoops...


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