Tuesday, February 5, 2013

when did it become February?

two-thirteen is already going too fast. I mean don't get me wrong, I want winter to be over with and summer concerts to begin more than anyone else, but it's already February.. in 2013.. I can't believe it's even 2013. anyways...

five things to do in my hometown..

well, I'm from a tiny town called Chardon, Ohio. and there is next to nothing in Chardon. so I'll give you a boring list of Chardon activities and then an exciting list of north-east Ohio.

1:: you can eat at one of the million pizza places we have.
2:: you can walk around the Chardon Square.
3:: you can play putt-putt at Chip's Clubhouse.
4:: you can go to Walmart, Giant Eagle, or Heinens.
5:: you can go sled riding/skiing/snowboarding at Alpine Valley or the chalet.
Bonus:: if you drive to Mentor, Ohio, about 25ish minutes you can go to the mall, see a movie, eat at a bazzillion restaurants, pretty much anything goes in Mentor. but one of the restaurants you can eat at is Melt -which was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, and Man vs Food. 

exciting stuff, right?!

not Chardon::
1:: you can go to a Cleveland Indians, CLE Browns, CLE Cavs, Monsters, Captains, game.
2:: you can go to CLE and party at the bars, or gamble in the casino, or shop at Tower City, or visit the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, or check out the Science Center, or visit the zoo.
3:: you can drive 2ish hours and go to Cedar Point and do all the fun things Sandusky, Ohio can offer you.
4:: you can drive down to Columbus and enjoy a Buckeyes game, eat at sweet restaurants, go shopping, etc etc. C-Bus has lots of activities.
5:: you can drive to Canton, and go to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

it's weird to think that people would actually want to come to CLE to see the Rock Hall.. growing up here you'd see the Rock Hall every other year for a field trip. and the other years you'd go to the Science Center.

exciting stuff, right?!

one:: going to the Monsters hockey game tonight, if it's half as fun as it was last time it'll be an awesome time.
two:: the Super Bowl was one hell of a game. mostly after the power went out and the 49ers actually started playing. but still a good game.
three:: Fat Tuesday is in one week, and then Lent begins, which means I have one week to eat as much ice cream, chips, and pop that I can. I always give up ice cream, chips, and pop.
four:: it seriously will not stop snowing. aghh. this is from the other day, we've had the pleasure of accumulating even more snow since...
gotta love the snowbelt.
five:: pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training next week.. baseball season is just around the corner.. woot woot!
six:: everyone has time for LukeB.

seven:: The Joe Schmo show is back on. or has been back on for a few weeks now. that show is HILARIOUS. it's basically just a fake reality show, as in, one of the contestants thinks it's all real the rest are actors. it's so funny. go watch it.
eight:: Michigan lost. hahaha. they're not number one anymore. sucks to suck. I'm speaking of college hoops btw.
nine:: Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow.. bring on the spring, bitches.
ten:: Thomas Rhett...
you're welcome.

life is good


  1. Chardon is beautiful! Plus the surrounding areas are awesome! I love Chardon Square!

    1. Chardon is quite wonderful, even if there isn't much to do.. still gotta love it.

  2. My stepmom is from New Castle, PA and grew up going to Cedar Point - one day I will get up there and see what all the fuss is about!

    Stopping by from Tuesday Topics!

    1. Cedar Point is pretty fun, I definitely recommend it. thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh man out towns do sound similar! I love it, but at the same time, I don't think I'm demanding the world when I ask that a mall or Denny's be added closer than 30 minutes away! Hehe.

    Punxsutawney Phil is a little liar. I will believe Spring is coming when my temperature gauge goes above freezing! :p

    1. hahah I agree with you on both of those!


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