Friday, March 8, 2013

because it's Friday...

so Steph @ Bourbon&Glitter asked her readers//followers a few questions. I figured instead of answering them through a comment why not make it into a post. second of the day might I add.

so here we go...

1. what's your favorite vacation spot? this is tough, because I've had the best times in Vegas who doesn't? so that's obvs one of my favorites. but I've also love Niagara Falls, Canada. but lets be honest, any vacation is a good vacation.. or it wouldn't be called a vacation.

2. favorite Disney movie? another toughie. I love Monsters Inc., I love Finding Nemo, I love The Fox and the Hound, Toy Story, Lion King, Aladdin. they're all fantastic. like Stephanie said "if you tell me you don't like any Disney movies, well, gtfo! liar!"

3. tv show you could watch over and over? so many options... It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Office, Boy Meets World.

4. what's your favorite bar in your hometown or college town? hmm... actual hometown, as in, not leaving Chardon, Ohio, you have have like three options. but if I can venture out a little bit, like surrounding cities, Hooley Houseis fun. or Mullarkey's or Ballantines or Panini's.

5. do you have a weird habit you do on a daily basis? you can read about some of my weirdness here

6. best gift you've ever received? hmm.. I guess, my Aunt's car. or a ring from my papa.

7. favorite store to shop at for clothes? JCP, Kohls, Maurices.

8. website (not personal blog or social media) you check daily? I don't really check anything that's not my blog or social media. but I use Google every day. and I check my ScoreCenter app a few times daily.. if that counts.

9. food you could never give up on a diet? meat. of any kind. I need my chicken nuggets, and my beef.

10. alcoholic cupcake flavor you'd like to see from me in the future? hmmm... I'd be interested to see if it could be done with beer. or what could be done with the classic 'captain and coke' or any kind of rum really.

these are questions Stephanie asked, and I just answered.. you should answer them, too! 
Happy Friday!

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  1. Ooo two posts in one day!
    All your Disney movies are on my list too. I couldn't pick a favorite. I KNEW your answer to the food question would be chicken nuggets. I knew it.
    Guinness and chocolate cupcake coming this week, stay tuned ;)


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