Wednesday, March 27, 2013

bumming, hard.

I am so bummed out. 

for the past two seasons I was blessed with the opportunity to coach middle school volleyball. unfortunately, I will not be able to do so this coming season. I was just informed that a staff member wants the job, and their contracts state that staff members get first pick, so since I'm not a staff member I can even fight for the job.

I absolutely love coaching. I love the sport of volleyball. I loved playing with the girls and teaching them the sport I love. I loved learning about the girls and hearing their crazy stories. I loved the early mornings and late nights. I loved the victories and even the loses. I loved the practices. I loved the bus rides. I was meant to be a coach, I love everything about it.

I'm trying to look on the bright side, and be thankful that I even had the opportunity to coach for two seasons. but I'm sure going to miss every second of it. hopefully in the future I'll get the chance again. the Athletic Director for the school is so nice, she called me and explained that her hands are tied, that she's grateful for everything I've done for the program, and wants to stay in contact. I definitely plan on staying in contact with her and the other coach. they were both so kind to me, and hopefully I'll get the chance to work with them again one day.

I will definitely go to some of the games and support the teams. especially my girls who'll be moving up to the 8th grade team.

I wish the program the best of luck.

for now, it's movie time tommy. movies are my go-to "I'm depressed" cure.


  1. Aww nuts :( Well don't forget you can always come teach me and my pathetic team! We play on a summer league,not awesome but we enjoy just playing!

  2. Sorry, girl :( It's the people who are really passionate about coaching that should be in there (not to say that this staff member isn't). Hopefully you can get back in there next season!

  3. Bummer! Any opportunity to be assistant coach?

  4. What the heck?! That SUCKS! Who the heck took it from you without knowing how kick-butt you were and what an awesome job you did? Why would someone take that away?


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