Friday, March 29, 2013

happs and craps.

happies :)

:: Spring Break!
:: more hours at work, because of Spring Break.
:: Momma's birthday.
:: I met Lois.
:: getting random snapchats from my friends (like the one from Shannon with Zac Efron in the background)
:: the AT&T commercials with the little children.
:: visted Gram.
:: the Bucks won.

crappies :(

:: found out I won't be coaching this season.
:: there's still snow on the ground.
:: the Cane's lost.. hurt my bracket some.
:: Hoosiers destroyed my bracket. dead, done, the end, goodbye.

points:: 49 ;; correct picks:: 34 of 51 ;; overall percent:: 88 ;; ranked:: 3rd and 7th
the hurricanes losing hurt a bit. my Buckeyes grabbed another W. Indiana completely killed me. and the wichita//LaSal game didn't affect me.
tonight I need wins from Louisville, Duke, and FL.
I need Kansas to lose before the final two to stay tied with my uncle. anytime they want to lose is fine by me.

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  1. BUCKEYES!!!!

    Those AT&T commercials get me every time. Especially the one with the little girl rambling about wanting more. "I follow you." :)


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