Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Update - Easter

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worked. then a night in watching some March Madness. after a devastating loss on Thursdays from Indy, I really needed Michigan to beat Kansas. being a Buckeye fan rooting for the team up north is hard to do, so I put on some Bucks gear, a glass of sangria, and bigred. thanks for the victory Mich, ya saved me.. but I still love my Buckeyes.

great night in
worked. then headed up to a restaurant//bar with the fam and fam-friends to watch my Buckeyes play horribly. it sucked bad. Aaron Lee did not get craft-y at all.. very disappointing. afterwards I went out with friends to some local bars.

Lava Flow (left) ;; Baked Apple Pie Raspberry beer* (right)
*the apple pie raspberry beer is ridic delish. seriously one of the best things I've ever had.

Easter! I trekked around the house searching for my easter basket and my egg. yes, I'm 23 and still get goodies. this year the easter bunny brought me some vod and some Mikes Hard, with a little cash thrown in. later it was off to Grams for easter dinner. ham, cheesie potatoes, etcetc, SO GOOD. after stuffing our faces, and discussing weird topics at the dinner table eating human liver and eating disorders...don't ask... it was time for the annual Lane Family Easter Egg Hunt. my dad and uncle hide the eggs and the children find them. I scored $12.59 -my gram fills the eggs with a few dollars and change. she's the best, ain't she?! oh, and she made Bailey's cupcakes, which were delicioso!

Bailey's cucakes (left) ;; ice cream!!* (right)
*the end of Lent, which means a lot of pop drinking, ice cream eating, and chip chewing. yummm.

I hope everyone had a very happy Easter!!
one month to go and this bloggy-blog turns ONE!
ps, Nathan @ LEEIB nominated me for his Hall Of Fame, ya'll should check out his blog and maybe vote for me while you're there! thanks for the nomination, Nathan!! :)

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