Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"just another day in paradise"

one I have more hours at work this month, meaning more money in the bank shorty what you drank.
two college hoops has been insane in the membrane. Gonzaga is your new #1.. but it's only a matter of time before another upset.
three I bought this...
I couldn't help myself, I had to have it.
four St Patricks Day is twelve days away! I fucking love St Patricks Day.
five it's Erin's birthday Saturday. Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday/Saturday night, I'll be intoxicated. sorry liver.
six I'm listening to my "myboys" pandora station right now. which is just all my fav country men. country music keeps me at peace.
seven the sun still exists in Ohio, here's my proof...
looks nice, but there is snow on the ground still.. unfortunately.
eight Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars started last night!
nine I miss my volleyball girls, I need the fall to be here again so I can coach again.
ten hilarious and creepy...

first thing I reach for in the fridge... some kinda beverage, probably iced tea//lemonade//juice//milk. unless I'm hungry.. then probs leftovers if there are any, if not then I'll move to the freezer.

first car accident or traffic violation... well, the first accident, which wasn't really anything AND WASN'T MY FAULT, was in the Heinens parking lot. I had backed out of my parking space, when all of a sudden a van starts backing out not seeing me. I beeped, but it was too late they brushed against my car. it only left a little mark. not a big deal. the second accident the only other one I've had was my fault and you can read about it here. it's quite funny actually.

first big accomplishment I'm proud of... I'm proud that I graduated high school and got into Kent State. I'm proud that I got a coaching job, and went undefeated my first season.


  1. I love the shirt, I am so jealous you got it!! I love St. Patty's too, it's going to be a crazy weekend in Chicago in 10 days!

  2. I laughed out loud at my desk at "meaning more money in the bank shorty what you drank" Hahaha

  3. Car accidents can be so dang stressful! And I would know - I've certainly had my fair share of them...yikes. Glad you joined in and linked up with us today! :)

  4. Oh so cool! You live in Ohio too!

  5. That is the coolest t-shirt!


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