Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Update - March?

Ashley and I went to DTW downtown Willoughby and hung out at a few of the bars. it was ridiculously fun. and cheap too, on Thursdays girls get 2 free drinks at a bar called Mullarkey's and $1 drinks at Willoughby Brewing Company. hollaaa!

worked. then home to catch up on sleep, watched the Blue Jackets game, and a little Food Network.

worked. then home for yet another edition of 'Movies With Cassie.' I love watching movies. this time I watched...  
-Gran Torino great movie, very racist though so if you're easily offended don't watch it, I thought it was funny, and Clint Eastwood's character reminded me of my papa, really well done.
-Hop didn't care of it. it was a mixture of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets a below average Christmas movie, and then focused on Easter.. strange and stupid.
-Abduction extremely disappointed in this movie. it had the potential to be fantastic, the storyline was brilliant. IMBd: A thriller centered on a young man who sets out to uncover the truth about his life after finding his baby photo on a missing persons website. quite brilliant if you ask me, however, the acting sucked, therefore the director sucked, the writer sucked, it was horrible. I could have made this movie better with my android. and can I just say I really don't understand the fascination with Taylor Lautner.. he's not attractive, his eyes are way too squinty.

woke up to the smell of bacon. ohhh yeeaaa. the only thing bad about bacon is it makes you thirsty... for more bacon! I think Jim Gaffigan said that. watched the Monsters hockey game, a bit of the race, and stayed up to date with the Mich-MichSt game... after all the NCAA tourney is just around the corner my uncle and I started doing our own bets, loser buys the winner a beer and wings. then it was a little bit of Sherlock Holmes, the Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars started, woot woot!

overall, I'd say it was a pretty decent weekend. relaxing, yet fun.
how was your weekend? and can you believe it's March 2013 already?!



  1. "I could have made it better with my android" hahahahaha

  2. You can never go wrong with bacon. I love Gran Torino! I saw it in the theaters & cried and cried.


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