Friday, March 22, 2013

March GLADness

if you haven't already watched "Kid President's Bracket Picks" you're in luck, cause you can watch it here...

seriously, WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!!!!

okay, now on to other topics...  don't worry, an update on my bracket will come at the end.

1:: it's March Madness, baby!!
2:: it's my Momma's birthday Tuesday, which means birthday dinner this weekend.
3:: my 'hakuna some vodka it means get wasted' shirt finally came in the mail.
4:: Toby the turtle is still alive and living life.
5:: Randy and Melis adopted//rescued a pup -welcome to the Lanes, Lois!! can't wait to meet you!

back to my bracket...

thus far:: I have 12 points (and tied with my Uncle!) my uncle and I make a bet with our brackets, loser buys a beer and wings for the winner. last year I WON!
thanks to wins from the:: Zags, Oregon, Butler, Marq, St Louis, Memphis, Mich St, Louisville, Mich, AZ, Syracuse, VCU... and loses from Pitt, UNLV, Mizzou, and NewMex -I'm not super worried about any of these cause none of them I had going on to another round.


  1. Kid President bracket is AWESOME!!! So fun! I think your bracket is in better shape than mine after yesterday.

  2. I can't wait for you to meet her too!!!! And this bracket battle with your uncle always cracks me up!


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