Friday, April 19, 2013

"all you need to do tonight is tip it back"

^ Florida Georgia Line... Happy Friday!! can you say happy friday today? I hope everyone in Boston stays safe through this madness, and you too Texas. God Bless.

when I grow up...
...I'll be rich.
...I'll have a family of my own.
...I'll rescue a dog or two.
...I'll see a cure for cancer.
...I'll stay a kid at heart.
...I'll marry one of the guys on my MASH list.
...I'll visit Ireland.
...I'll see Seattle, Chicago, NYC, and LA.
...I'll have a movie theater room in my house.
...I'll witness the Browns win the super bowl and the Indians win the world series.
...I'll watch the Buckeyes continue to be on top and win more championships.
...I'll have a maid, so I can have more me time, and spend more time with my fam.
...I'll have a sweet ass house.
...I'll have season tickets to the Indians, Browns, Monsters, and go to any Buckeyes games I so desire.
 ...I'll be the best March Madness bracket maker.
...I'll have a pool, indoor, with a hot tub, and a water slide.
...I'll have a sweet ass bar by said pool and throw awesome parties.
...I'll have a bartender for said bar by said pool.
...and maybe another bar//bartender inside my house too.
...I'll own every movie I love.
...I'll have famous friends.

one:: the "woo crew" took over the Jake again last night. -it was an awesome time, even if my Tribe lost.. again.
two:: I got to spend time with Lois.
three:: I've ate healthy all week, and worked out a few times.
four:: I got some cool info, that I'll share with you later on.
five:: I'm safe, my family is safe, my friends are safe. God Bless Texas, God Bless Boston, and God Bless America.


  1. Lots of small things to be thankful for this week with all the BS going on in the world.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Stopping by from Lauren's H54F, and I follow your SIL. Great to find another Ohio blogger :) LOVE your "When I grow up" statements :) I am a die hard Browns fan, and my dad has season tickets to he Browns and Indians! Happy Friday!


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