Thursday, April 18, 2013

Party Rock Anthem

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my family is big on partying. I love enjoying a cold drink on the rocks -hah, get it? I crack myself up. we love having a good time and drinking ice cold brewskis, especially around a bonfire. anyways.. today I give you the requirements of a Lane Family Bonfire. now, every Lane Bonfire has the same basic foundation:: friends//family, country music, a giant fire, cold drinks, a few drinking games, and if you're lucky, a hell of a fireworks show I mean like $1,500 in fireworks. what could be better?
giant fires::
my grad party, 2008 (before and after)
Brian's grad party, 2011.


staying up all night and watching the sunrise::
there ya have it, the requirements of a bonfire at my house. don't worry about the size of the fires, we have an open field in my backyard, with enough space to be able to do that.



  1. HOLY COW. Your bon fires are epic. I need to come to one of these. It's decided, I just invited myself.

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  2. Those are some awesome bon fires!!! They have some here in Miami Beach at every full moon...maybe it's time I make it to one of those too!!

    Found you from the the party link up!

    Andie's Traveling Pants


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