Wednesday, April 24, 2013

sports weekly

I decided I'm going to do a weekly or semi-weekly or whatever I feel like really.. sports update on my teams.

my Tribe is currently 8-10, 4th in the AL Central. they're usually doing worse, so as for now I'm content. I wish we were 1st in the division so that's something to work on. but the season is still young, we have plenty of time to come back. Swishy, and Reynolds are making me proud. however, my main man, Asdrubal Cabrera is letting me down- you better step your game up boy! I'm glad we have the JKkid back in the line-up now. let's go boys!

oh, my Brownies. how they depress me every year. I know football hasn't started yet, but the NFL Draft begins tomorrow so I wanted to include them. I really really really hope that we don't blow this draft like the others. we need to make smart choices. especially since we already booted our two best players- don't even get me started on that topic. agh! who would've thought the best player on a team would be the kicker.. Phil Dawson, I will forever miss you. Browns, DON'T EFF THIS UP! they'll eff it up.

this past season I got really into hockey, and I'm bummed I didn't watch it much before cause it's FREAKIN AWESOME! unfortunately the Flyers didn't make the playoffs this year. they're 21-22 and 5th in the Atlantic. not the best, but at least they're close to .500. I hope they have a better season next year, since this one is almost over.

and do I even need to talk about the Cavs re-hiring a coach that sucks? please don't make me. I don't think I can handle it.

ps, I'm ridic excited to say that this summer we're going on vacation to Nashville, TN! as a huge country music fan, I cannot wait to check out all this city has to offer. that's the good news, the extremely good news is (back story:: I love seafood and have been obsessed with poboy sandwiches since I had one in Vegas last summer, but I have no where to eat them that's less than 3 hours away) well guess what, Nashville, TN has po'boy sandwiches!! plus, one of the places was featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives - double whammy! I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!

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  1. David is a huge fan of the Browns and the Indians. And the Cavs. As a German I am not an expert of any of these sports but I am trying to understand them. I have been to a Browns game and I enjoyed it a lot. I just don't understand Baseball to be honest. But I'll try!

  2. I am crossing my fingers that the Browns don't screw up this draft! Between getting rid of Dawson, and now the latest legal crap with the owner we really need to just buckle down and draft well! Of course, being a fan of them for so long I should know our draft will not turn out as hoped for. The life of being a Browns fan....always hopeful, always let down :(


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