Thursday, April 25, 2013

the birthday of all birthdays

that's right, folks. today I take you back to November 2010 and give you my 21st birthday celebration.

Stephanie ;; Chelsee

for my 21st I decided to throw a shin-dig at a local bar//restaurant. my family had dinner there before hand. hope you're prepared for pictures...

I ate bread, in hopes not to die.

shots were consumed... obvs.

jager with Gram
lemon drop

my neighbor//friend iced me...

thanks, Tom.

of course there was cake...

smashed in my face...

I was a good sport though, thanks Carrie and Malone.

Enrique may or may not have made and appearance...

and waaayy too many pictures takes with friends//family...

and my first legal shot ever, courtesy of my neighbor...

thanks Mr. C!

overall, I had a fantastic twenty-first. I survived the night, but not before throwing up when I got home. and surprisingly I didn't have too much of a hangover the next day.. #win!

I don't have a picture of my invite, but I typed it up in the shape of a martini glass, it looked pretty neat- if I do say so myself!

*good luck to my Brownies tonight with the draft, pleeaaassseeee don't screw this up, again.


  1. My favorite memory was the lap dance and then your brother and dad getting all heated.. "GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY SISTER!!!!" Baaahahahaha

  2. Happy belated birthday! Looks like a super fun party! Thanks for sharing the great pictures!

  3. This looks AWESOME, I love the shot of yager with Gram, that's hilarious.

  4. Love it! Glad you survived, I barely did on my 21st..and my pics are rather scary haha! Thanks for linking up with us:)


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