Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Update - ACMs

Shenanigans ;; This Weekend I... ;; #YOLO

my last day of watching Sadie. worked. then attempted to go to Hooley House, but that idea was crushed by Erin. basically Ashley and I drove 30min to Hooley House just to drive back home cause Erin//D decided to flake out on us.. I was not happy.

worked. we got this new frequent customer loyalty card at Beans, I personally think it's super cool. Al and I were having a competition to see who could get the most people to sign up.. technically she won, BUT she was there longer and was there before me so a lot of people already had gotten one, so really it wasn't a fair challenge. after work it was home to J chill. a double feature of The Proposal was on -you best believe I watched it and maybe even part of the second showing but that was disrupted by Ghost Adventures and Zac Bagans looking ridic in a hat, well he looks ridic most the time but even more so while wearing hats. oh, and I saw Louis win and was confused with my feelings over the Mich Syra game, I was hoping for the Big10 but at the same time I hate Michigan.

helped dad make venison jerky...

I love when dad makes jerky.. 1:: it's delicious 2:: I seriously love the smell of meat being dehydrated yes, I am aware of how strange that sounds and how weird that makes me. the rest of the day I watched random movies on tv Batman, Shawshank Redemption, Killers, She's The Man, The Other Guys and of course I watched the ACMs.

ACMs:: I thought it was hilarious, Luke&Blake did an awesome job hosting. I was super excited Eric Church won for his album Chief. extremely happy for Miranda&Blake for their song Over You twice.. and Miranda winning again, and again, and again, and again is that too many, I lost count. JAldean winning. all the performances were magnificent. and I was//am still currently excited that LukeB won Entertainer of the Year!!!!! :)

also, I'm debating on changing my blog's name... I decided History in the Making is boring and too long. maybe... "on the rocks" or "dirt road anthem" or.... something else, idk. what do you guys think??

GO TRIBE!! tonight's the home opener for my summer boys, my Cleveland Indians.


  1. On the Rocks is good! And you kind of sound like a serial killer with that comment about liking the smell of meat..i like it.


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