Friday, April 5, 2013

"Argo f#%k yourself"

thanks Easter Bunny!
a beautiful day for a walk with Sadie

happies :)

:: sixty buckaroos for watching Sadie, easy moneyy!
:: Brian turned twenty!
:: I'm covering for a co-worker, hours = moneyy.
:: I finally watched Argo, and it was really good.
:: enjoyed a few Mikes Hards last night while watching Community, Parks&Rec, and The Office.
:: reese's puffs cereal.
:: I get to sleep in my bed again tonight.
:: dinner with Gram Wednesday night was awesome.

crappies :(

:: covering for a co-worker I have to work 9.5hrs today.
:: my Bucks won't be participating in any games this weekend.
:: the organic milk my aunt&uncle buy is disgusting.
:: I'm done dog sitting.


  1. Hahaha the organic milk comment is the best

  2. I should get Argo this weekend.

    Down with organic milk. Thumbs up for Parks & Rec!


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