Wednesday, May 8, 2013


first I want to say I'm so happy that the girls from Cleveland survived their kidnappings and are finally free after all those years. also, to Charles Ramsey the guy who helped save the girls.. may God Bless you. not only did you help save them, but you're hilarious. God Bless you all.

(Cleveland at it's finest!)

I've been trying really hard to workout and eat healthier. it's been going great so far! I'm down 2 pounds at the end of the first week, woot woot!

the other day for lunch I made a hella delicious wrap.

I sauteed some fresh spinach with a little garlic, warmed up a little turkey, sliced up a tomato, and warmed the whole-wheat tortilla wrap. piled it all on the wrap, sprinkled a few crispy onions, and drizzled on a little red wine vinaigrette.

it was seriously phenom. and it was healthier than eating chicken nuggets.
plus, I've been eating more veggies and trying to eat more fruit. even though the fruit is kinda failing.. since I don't like much of it.

yesterday for breakfast I made a protein shake. it consisted of a scoop of protein powder, a banana, a little peanut butter, and some milk. it was pretty damn good.
lunch time I made a tomato//pepper open-faced thing. I just toasted a piece of bread. topped it with two slices of tomato, and a few 'hot' peppers (homegrown by friends of ours, they're technically hot peppers, but they're not hot in my opinion.. but they are very tasty) and then drizzled a little red wine vinaigrette over the top, and enjoyed it. I've been on a tomato kick lately. I also had some green beans, too. yum!

thanks to Sarah for the open-faced sandwich tip!

workout wise, every day I've been trying to do push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and calf raises. plus some days I run my street, or do a workout dvd, or the elliptical. it's been going well so far, except I got scorched with sunburn from running my street. that wasn't very fun.
oh, and I heard about this workout app, which I already love! It's called Daily Workout. I forget what blog I read about it on, but thank you to that person! 

here's to another week of getting fit!
anyone have any tips//tricks that helps motivate them? or a good, easy, healthy recipe? 

one more thing...
I'm so excited to announce today that I've been voted into the LEEIB Hall of Fame!! Nathan gave me the nomination (again, thank you!!!) and then LEEIB readers voted me to be inducted.. how cool is that?! thank you thank you thank you!! :)


  1. I am not a huge fruit fan - I like mostly berries and melons - but I do eat veggies at every meal, as many as possible! And I snack on raw veggies throughout the day.

    Prepping food on Sunday makes it so I always have something healthy to grab.

  2. Good for you! I am the same way with food. I try to eat veggies every day, which is no problem. I love them. But I cannot do fruits. I just never have an appetite for them. And congrats on the award! Wooot Woooot!

  3. Stopping by from the link up. Just wanted to say: Freeze that banana for your shake in the morning and it will taste like a milkshake. No joke! :)

  4. Congratulations! You rock!
    I watched the interview with the Cleveland guy yesterday and he really is hilarious! :)


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