Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Ohio, what is there not to love about Ohio?

we have...

Cedar Point and Kings Island. I love a good roller coaster, even if the giant hills tickle my stomach so bad I can't breathe for the time being.

THE Ohio State Buckeyes. of course I'm going to include my Buckeyes. Scarlet and Gray all the way!! Go Bucks!

Melt. we have a restaurant called Melt. it's been featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives. it's delicious, and I've talked about it a few time before. I love you, Melt!

Indians, Browns, Cavs, Monsters. even though I know they basically all suck, I still love them and nothing will ever change that. going to the Jake for a Tribe game, or tailgating in the munilot pre-Browns game is some of the best times.

the weather. we're not close enough to an ocean to get hurricanes, maybe just a little rain and wind from it. we're not really in a high tornado area.. yes, we get them but not that often, and they're usually not too bad. earthquakes are the same way, we'll get one occasionally but they're nothing like California. sure, the winters are mothereffing cold and (at least in my area) get pounded with snow, that's really the worst if it.

I could also mention...
-we're bordered by Lake Erie
-close enough to Niagara Falls for a weekend getaway.
-Cincinnati Skyline Chili
-Neil Armstrong, The Wright Brothers, Bob Feller, Cy Young, Drew Carey, and a crap ton of Presidents.
-big cities and small town farms
-at least we're not Detroit (no offense to anyone from Detroit)
-Ohio is ranked #15 for places to retire.

what are some of your favorite things that your state offers?


  1. Oh, I have been to Cedar Point and it was awesome! Now I just need to go to King's Island too! I love amusement parks!

  2. I love that I grew up 30 minutes from the most historic square mile in the country, and that I work just a few blocks from there now.

    Nothing beats a Philly cheesesteak or soft pretzel.

  3. Sometimes I forget how great Ohio really is! Thanks for the reminder :) We do have some of the best amusement parks & sports teams (GO BROWNS!).

    OMG! Melt is amazing!

    Growing up on Lake Erie was great! I miss it now that I am in central Ohio :( However, I do have a Skyline Chili resturant within 10 minutes of my house :)

  4. Hahaha at least you aren't from detroit. too true!

    Although I'm of course choosing to ignore your Buckeyes comment!

  5. We're getting a Melt in Columbus later this year ... in walking distance from my house ... can't wait!


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