Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Update - Ashley's Birthday

Sami ;; I... ;; yolo

worked. then it was to downtown willoughby for round one of Ashley's birthday festivities. it was a fun night. and a hilarious one too.

worked- which was the weirdest day ever. then did absolutely nothing. I was in bed at like 930 I was so exhausted. (Ashley's birthday, and my cousin Hayley)

worked. then attended "I Never Saw Another Butterfly" play at our local theater. Allison's younger siblings starred in the play, and they all did awesome. after that it was to Hooley House for possibly my favorite drink ever- Baked Apple Raspberry Ale. YUM! then back to downtown willoughby for round two of Ashley's birthday festivities. Thursday seemed to go by so slow, but Saturday night flew by. I think my favorite moment was when Chicken Fried played in a bar called Mullarkey's, which you better believe we sang along as loud as we could.

relaxed the whole day. tv was playing a bunch of great movies so I watched:: He's Just Not That Into You, Dodgeball, and Live Free or Die Hard. I also watched about 4 hours worth of SNL re-runs.

1:: figure out a birthday present for my friend.
2:: get a birthday gift for my other friend, and give her said gift.
3:: work out three times. (upping the ante)
4:: return Netflix.
5:: do laundry.

yea, this week was kind of a bust. oops. here's to a better turn out this week.

1:: return Netflix. (I seriously cannot put this off again)
2:: work out three times.
3:: clean my car.
4:: do laundry.
5:: enjoy Memorial Day weekend.


  1. I should clean my car this weekend. It is in dire need of a good vacuuming.

  2. the last one is very important - deff enjoy it :)

  3. I never had Baked Apple Raspberry Ale but it sounds delicious!
    Dodgeball is one of my most favorite movies! I can watch it over and over again.

  4. Seeee if you did instant watch, no returning....


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