Wednesday, May 15, 2013

how to survive life... part one.

#1:: always have chapstick while intoxicated. and//or not intoxicated, but mostly intoxicated.

#2:: never drink any kind of beverage while watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, or you may laugh it up through your nose.

#3:: always push in your chair.

#4:: when filling out a NCAA bracket remember to breathe, as it can be immensely stressful.

#5:: laugh.. laugh a lot.

#6:: stand up for yourself and your loved ones. don't let people tread on you.

#7:: remember, it's five o'clock somewhere.

#8:: always rep your teams. sport their colors and cheer loud and proud.

#9:: hold doors open for others.

#10:: if you can't decide on something, flip a coin.

#11:: drive at least the speed limit.

Happy Wednesday! what are some rules you live by??


  1. Haha these are good! I cannot standddd when people don't drive at least the speed limit. Like what in the heck this is not a joyride!

  2. :)) Love your rules! They are perfect!

  3. SO SO TRUE! Agreed on all of these!!

  4. Awesome! Represent those Cleveland sports!

  5. Love every single one of these!!


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