Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Update - Mothers Day

Sami ;; I... ;; yolo

worked. came home and watched This is 40, which was pretty funny, a bit long though. but overall a good movie.

worked. then home for yet more movies. a few friends invited me out but I was really tired and just stayed home. I watched Independence Day for the first time, and yes I realize I'm 17 years late on that one #betterlatethannever. and then I watched The Dark Knight Rises, which was awesome! I absolutely loved the ending. phenom.

momma's day. we went to dinner as a family, even my aunt//uncle//cousins came, and Gram too of course. and pretty much did nothing else the rest of the day.

today I'll be at Jacob's Field all day for the Indians double header against the Yanks. GO TRIBE!!

1:: burn cds for Erin.
2:: return Netflix.
3:: start the blogging in May challenge. (post tomorrow)
4:: figure out a Mothers Day gift.
5::  work out at least twice, and eat healthy.

1:: figure out a birthday present for my friend.
2:: get a birthday gift for my other friend, and give her said gift.
3:: work out three times. (upping the ante)
4:: return Netflix.
5:: do laundry.

I did okay. I didn't burn any cds, and I didn't return the netflix though. and I only ate somewhat healthy this week, we had so many leftovers it was tougher for me. I hope to do better this week.


  1. I want to watch "This is 40" too! And I think I have watched Independence Day at least 10 times. Haha. I guess that is weird.

  2. Have fun today! I haven't seen This is 40.

  3. I can't believe it! I consider you a movie queen, and you'd never seen Independence Day?! Crazy!


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