Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"where were you on that one, dipsh!t"

^ Happy Gilmore.
we're now fourteen days into May and I haven't done the May Blogging Challenge once. hence the title of this post.


so here I am to catch up do a few of them, cause lets be honest I'm not going to do all of them. that's a fact jack. sorrynotsorry.

things that make me uncomfortable...
silence. standing somewhere where I'm in the way of other people. talking about my feelings. phone calls.

blogging love...
I'm cheating on this one.
I'd pick Melissa, but because she's technically a real-life friend over a blogging friend I'm not going to fully count it. but I love Melis cause she's the bees knees. the koolest kid around (so cool you have to spell it with a K.) and I love her forever.
for an actual blogging friend, I'm going to pick...
Stephanie, she's super friendly and funny. She has followed my blog from basically the beginning, and despite our love for rival football teams we still manage to get along quite well. plus, she holds the secrets to alcohol cupcakes.. which I need. oh, and she doesn't judge my drinking habits or my love for chicken nuggets.
(but I want to also shout out to Katrin and Steph cause they're both super awesome too!)

what do you do... (no job mention allowed)
I... go to school, watch movies, enjoy sports, indulge in way too many tv shows, eat sweets often, try to be healthy, am lazy, drink, hang out with friends and family, am addicted to social media.

things I'm most afraid of...
there's really only two things that completely terrifiy me.
numero uno is spiders. I freak out if you just show me a picture of one. they're disgusting hairy bastards and I hate them.
numero dos, creepy masks. I'm not talking like a halloween mask, those don't scare me. I mean like straight up The Strangers or The Purge masks. google image those movies, and you'll see what I mean. fuckin creepy shit.
and you can throw heights in too. I don't like heights either. but I'm not like extremely terrified of them.. I ride rollercoasters and what not.
that's basically it... there's other things I don't like, but I'm not necessarily afraid of them. 

a moment of my day...
watching The Lonely Island's new spring break video.. and then I found this gem..

ten things that make you really happy...
Zac Efron, Ryan Reynolds, Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, James Laurinaitis, Eric Church, Brayden Schenn, Jimmy Kimmel, Jack Hannahan.
but seriously...
watching the Tribe//Browns//Buckeyes//Monsters//Flyers win. country music playing while sitting around a bonfire. family vacations. the spirit of Christmas. when a good movie has a great ending. when I'm wrong while watching a movie- like when I don't see a twist coming. Disney//Pixar movies. clean sheets. when celebrities dance on Ellen and act goofy. my family//friends//blogging friends.


  1. Aww, thanks for the shout out! You are so sweet! :)
    You are super awesome too!
    Loved to read this and learn more about you!
    phone calls make me uncomfortable too. I just don't like it. I don't know why. I try to avoid them as much as I can.

  2. I talked about phone calls making me uncomfortable, too. And I agree with you about standing in the way of other people. I'm so conscious of that!

  3. Aw thanks girl! I would never judge a love of drinking and chicken nuggets. That would be anti-american. And hey, just swap in my chicago teams and I totally agree with your happy lists!!

  4. Totally off topic here, have you seen Tobuscus' "trapped in a hot pockets commercial?" I watched it twice this weekend.


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