Friday, June 7, 2013

Beans Coffee Shop

as some of you may know, I work part-time at a local coffee shop called Beans Coffee Shop. I enjoy it for the most part. the people I work with are fantastic, and it's not strenuous, the only negative thing I can say about it is the occasional weird//annoying customer.

here's a few scenarios I've experienced thanks to the customers...

:: once a guy asked me 4-5ish times if I was going to pay for his coffee. he just comes up to the register, tells me he wants a coffee and a bagel. then says "and you're paying for it, right?" so I did my fake laugh and thought that'd be the end of it. nope. he continued to say "but I thought you were paying for it, that's what you said" to which I fake laughed again. and it went like that for a minute or so, until he finally took out his wallet and payed, but not before adding something about the lottery and asking "aren't you a millionaire" to which I said "I wish, if I was I wouldn't be here." it was all very awkward.

:: once a lady asked us to scrape off all the sesame seeds on the sesame seed bagel. are you serious clark? if you want to scrape off all the seeds be my guest, but you must be bat-shit cray if you think I'm spending my valuable time doing that. for the record, I did not do it.. but my co-worker did.

:: once a lady ordered a coffee, turned around and stared at our coffee options for at least 5 minutes all of our coffees are self serve. then she asked "where are your coffees?" to which I thought 'are you serious clark, you were just looking at them for 5 minutes' but I simply replied by saying "all of our coffees are right behind you, you can help yourself" to which she said "that's it? those are all my options?" we always have six options, this was 10minutes before closing so there were only 4 available, instead of the usual 6. so I kindly explained "yes, sorry we close at 5pm, in 10minutes" to which she said "well that's not my problem now is it?" to which I thought 'yes actually it is, had you come in earlier the full 6 coffees would be available, but you didn't so now you're stuck with 4 choices.. but I politely just smiled back at her.

:: once an adult lady came in, ordered a mocha to-go. we made said mocha, steamed to a hot 120+ degrees. same lady calls later and says "I was just in and ordered a mocha, I let it sit cause I thought your cups would keep it insulated, but now it's cold. this is the second time, I'm posting it on Facebook"  are you kidding me? you let the mocha sit therefore its now cold, in what way is that our fault? and now you're going to post it on Facebook like you're in high school? wow.

:: once a family of four came in, the mother asked me how big our sandwiches are, I replied that they're just normal sized. she then asked what kind of bread, I replied with our options. then she asked if it's loafed bread or sliced, I told her sliced. then she said "never mind, we'll go somewhere else" umm, okay.. bye.

*if I didn't have to work today I'd totes be linking up with Sarah, but sadly I did not plan ahead. next Friday I'm all over that shit!


  1. ahhh i could not work in costumer service!! The only service job I've had was driving the beer cart at a country club and I was totally encouraged to be a bitch if some old guy got out of line. "that's not my problem" I would have smacked that lady for sure!!

  2. haha, thanks for making me laugh! i worked in a clothing store part-time before and some customers are just unbelievable. you could write a book about your experiences!

  3. I don't know how you do it! People are CRAZY!


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