Wednesday, June 12, 2013


yesterday I was picked as the winner of a giveaway! woot woot!

 I won Stephanie's Amazon gift card from YouAndMeAreWe!!

I love Amazon... and Stephanie... who doesn't?

thank you, thank you, thank you!! :)

in other news,

:: my work friends and I tried to go to the Captains baseball game on Monday, but that got rained out. #fail

:: today is a biiig laundry day for me. I have to do it.

:: the Indians finally got off their losing streak (more on that Friday).

:: Gram thought her tv was broken. Brian, dad, and I stop over to fix it. it wasn't broken, just the box was turned off. #2013problems

:: I've missed the last two Bachelorettes. oops.

that's about all I got right now. hope y'all have a fantastic Wednesday!!


  1. I am so glad you won! I love it when a loyal follower and friend wins a giveaway :)

  2. i literally just got the cable fixed in my apartment i have missed all 3 weeks of the bacherolette... i really need to catch up

  3. congratulations!
    my grandma once thought her tv was broken too but the batteries of the remote were in there in the wrong direction. haha.

  4. Your grandma is too funny with that TV! Haha!

  5. lol funny about the TV box being off!


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