Friday, June 14, 2013


well, we were doing good. then decided to stop I guess. my boys were on an 8 game losing streak, yikes! Swishy is in a rut that he needs to get out of. they're disappointing me more than waking up on Thursday thinking it's Friday. oh, and Chris Perez, when the fans say "roll tribe" we don't mean that kinda roll. (Perez was arrested for drug paraphernalia being delivered to his house.. way to keep it classy, idiot).
but, at least we're not the Astros.
I'm also going through baseball withdraw. last game I went to was like a month ago. huh? how did that happen?

football is just around the corner, folks!! Go Browns!

my Flyers just acquired Mark Streit for their 4th round draft pick. I'm not actually sure if this is good cause I don't know who Streit is, but it happened. so there's that.

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  1. Hahaha at least we're not the astros. Love it.

  2. I am going to the Indian's game on Sunday :) Hopefully they can pull off a win!

    And as always, GO BROWNS!!!!

  3. David and I want to go to an Indians game soon so hopefully I will finally learn the rules there!

  4. Those poor poor astros. I feel so bad for their fans. :( Get yourself to a baseball game, asap, you'll feel better :)

  5. I'm not big on baseball. I dont even cheer for the baseball team for the south. LOL The braves LOL I'd rather watch football. Go Dawgs.


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