Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lane Family Golf Outing

the Lane Family Golf Outing is a golf outing most of my extended family play in annually. we always do a 4-some scramble, which just means there are four people on a team and scramble means everyone hits the ball whatever ball was hit the best you go to that ball and then all hit again, repeating the process until you give it a little tappy into the hole.

anyways, I only golf once a year for said outing. otherwise I think it's extremely boring. of course, in this family outing alcohol is consumed throughout the event so I can tolerate it.

this year my team consisted of myself, SIL Melissa, Uncle, and Brian's friend Brad.

here's basically how it went...

the begining
Brian and Dad
Uncle Mike
time for backwards hat
exhausted by the end

the whole time Melissa used a ball that said "mojo" on it and all I kept thinking about was Mojojojo from the power puff girls. I couldn't stop laughing whenever Melissa would say it.

I also may or may not have puked a little bit on hole 15. thanks to my Uncle. it was kind of a you had to be there moment, but basically my uncle did something funny while I was mid-sip and I started choking//laughing.

oh, and, I got longest drive!! (we have certain category competitions on a few holes)

"somebody's closer"

by the way, I was running off of 4hrs of sleep, some Monster, and two mini donuts. needless to say, it was a long ass day. thanks to my vodka//Monster, strawberry daq, and a few bottles of water, I made it through. hilarious day. love my teammates, no one got left in the woods, Melissa didn't take her shirt off and climb a tree, I'd say it was successful.. except we all suck at putting.

until next year, fuckers! (that's for Melissa)


  1. I am not a golfer at all, but love that you guys do this.

    I love your sign off. That is so my style.

  2. That looks like such a great tradition! I have only played mini golf so far and I think I am the worst player ever.

  3. Hahaha I love the after photo of you two, hilarious!!

  4. Hahaha! Great post! See ya at the next one!! And next year I hope it's on a Saturday. I will hydrate and be in tip top shape so I can drink myself into terrible shape!


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