Tuesday, June 4, 2013

things I've recently discovered... part one.

I have more hours at work this month, woot woot! and a wedding on Saturday.. which I need to prepare for. I bought a dress, I'm not sure if it's entirely "wedding" material.. but if I don't find anything else it'll have to do. and shoes. I only own one pair of heels, which I wore to Randy/Melissa's wedding but those don't match. 

anyways... here's some things I've recently discovered.

I don't like cantaloupe. I knew this before, I've never liked it. but the other day I thought "maybe my tastebuds have changed and I'll like it." nope. it's gross.

Men at Work. not actual men at my work.. I only work with three guys anyways, and one of them I'm pretty sure is gay. I'm talking about the tv show, Men at Work on TBS. it's pretty funny. I stumbled upon it when I was dog-sitting once and have been hooked since.

I love eggs. I just love them. I like them scrambled, over easy, hardboiled. I like them on breakfast sandwiches, I like them mixed with various items (ie: omelet), I like them on burgers, and toast, and everything.

my family quotes Happy Gilmore daily. literally, there is not a day that goes by when a line from Happy Gilmore is not said. there's just so many good one-liners from that movie, we can't help it.

I never want to live in Oklahoma. nothing personal against the state, it's just they get a lot of tornadoes. I hope everyone who does live in OK stays safe, and recovers from all these natural disasters.

I pack too early. when I'm going on vacation, I start packing too early. literally like a month before I'll start picking outfits and what not. I'm just always too darn excited.


  1. I was telling my friend that the other day about OK. I feel horrible for them but I wouldn't want to live there either. Eggs rock, too. I love them

  2. Haha, I always pack too late. Maybe you should come packing for me!


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