Thursday, July 18, 2013


heyheyhey! just popping in for a second to give ya my thoughts on this weeks Big Brother episode. before I do that, in case ya missed it, I'm leaving for vacation on Saturday for a week (going to Nashville, TN, and Kings Island in Cincinnati, OH) I'm super pumped. but unless I decide to schedule some posts I won't be posting during that time.

anyways, back to Big Brother.

can I just start by saying I'm SO BUMMED that Nick got evicted. he was the only person I wanted to win the whole thing.

Aaryn:: you're a bitch. you're rude, disrespectful, and you couldn't possibly be playing a worse social game. when you get outta that house America will have one hell of an awakening waiting for you.

Jeremy:: still don't like you.

Kaitlin:: you're annoying.

Helen:: congrats on winning HoH! but STOP CRYING, this is Big Brother. knock it off.

Amanda:: some days I like you, some days I don't. like when you stood up to Aaryn after the bed situation, I liked you. but then you go and try to bully Elissa to put up Howard, thats not your call, shes the mvp she can do what she wants.

Andy:: don't hate you, but I feel like you're not doing much.

Candice:: keep doing your thing. you're alright I guess.

Elissa:: I do like you somewhat, but I'm getting tired of you being mvp. I wish America would let someone else test the waters. but you're still going strong, keep it up.

GM:: for God's sake, STOP CRYING ABOUT NICK. you're obsessed. it's disgusting. you knew him for like, what, three weeks? c'mon.

Howard:: I like you, but you're a horrible liar. people aren't going to trust you anymore. you're time is ticking.

Jessie:: you just bug me. everything about you is annoying to me. sorry not sorry.

Judd:: you're cool. just play smart, don't do something dumb. I hope you go far.

Crae:: I don't trust you. theres just something fishy about you, plus you kinda freak me out.

Spencer:: I did like you, but then you turned on the moving company. now I don't like you. and I think you're time is ticking.

block:: Aaryn and Jeremy (previously Aaryn and Kaitlin)
mvp:: Elissa again, shocker.
eviction:: I think Jeremy is going. unless he miraculously talks his way out of it then Aaryn will go.

alrighty folks. I have to finish packing. see ya in about a week!
ps, I'm also going to the Toby Keith concert tomorrow, which I'm super pumped about!!

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