Monday, July 15, 2013


typically I'd do a weekend update post but all I really did was drink a crap-ton on Saturday. family dinner on Sunday, and watch A Good Day to Die Hard on Friday.

with that said, I will not be posting much this week. as I'll be super busy. I have to work and dog sit today through Wednesday. plus have dinner with gram and a work meeting during that time. Thursday I have to finish packing, run errands, and do a family party that night. Friday is the Toby Keith concert all day. then we leave for vacation Saturday morning for a week. so, I'll be very m-i-a the next two weeks. with that said, if anyone wants to guest post just email it to me ( and I'd be happy to schedule it. 

I might be around on Thursday, if I find some time. if not, I'll see ya the week of the 29th. I must be going now though, so I'll leave you with this,

in the words of my older bro, Randy...

be cool, stay fly, and act popular.

ps- go check out Stephanie's blog today!! :)


  1. drinking a crapton is the best way to spend any weekend if you ask me

  2. Sweet! Where are you heading for vacation?

  3. Have a good time, Cassie! Can't wait to read about your vacation! And I hope you are not too busy this week! try to find some time to relax!


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