Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Big Brother (and I don't mean Randy)

sorry, Rand. 
I'm talking about the tv show Big Brother. it's one of my all-time fav shows. this year, Kelsey is hosting a link-up for the show (cue my excitement). anyways since the show is still new this season I'll give ya a run down of the cast members and my opinions of them.

if I was a good blogger I'd show you pictures too, but I'm too lazy. sorrynotsorry

Nick:: he's my favorite so far, because not only does he seem like the most normal person but he's also orig from Columbus, OH. Go Bucks!!

McCrea:: he's weird, but I love his underdogness. I mean a scrawny pizza delivery boy comes in and kills it in the first Head Of Household comp.. beats out all these tough dudes.. that's what I like to see, keep it up crea!

Spencer:: sorry, but I just don't think you're going to win this. I think you'll ride some coattails and maybe make it somewhat far, but then you're gone. I just don't think you'll have the social game that you need to be a success. but you're not a bad person, so I hope you'll prove me wrong.

Aaryn:: not sure about the spelling of your name, why can't it just be Erin? anyways, you're my fav of the girls since you're the most normal one of the girls. plus you're a country chick and we have to stick together. I think if you play smart and not fall head over heals for some deuch you'll make it far.

Amanda:: I get you and Kaitlin confused. you seem alright, but I don't think you have winning potential.

Andy:: you're killing me with that cat shirt. please burn it. sorrynotsorry. that's all I have for you right now.

Candice:: you're not making it anywhere unless you get lucky.. but you're better than some of the other girls, so at least you have that.

David:: you're hair is fucking annoying, and I hate it. you're dumb as rocks. and you're ugly. that's all.

Elissa:: did you really think no one was going to find out you're Rachel's sister? you look and talk EXACTLY like her. which is not a compliment, since Rachel is annoying and I hate her.

GinaMarie:: you are the loudest person ever. can't you just shut up? geez.

Helen:: I feel like you're going to fly under the radar. which could help you get somewhat far in the game. but you seem nice, so good luck.

Howard:: I'm not sure what to say other than watching you in the cooler have/havenot competition was hilarious. you trying to float on the floatation device, and then you say that you forgot to hold your breath when you went underwater... umm, what?! how do you forget that? you had me cracking up. thanks.

Jeremy:: you look like some kinda vampire thing. and your hair is stupid.

Jessie:: I may dislike you more than Elissa and GinaMarie. you think you're all that, but you're not. you suck. sorrynotsorry.

Judd:: I like you cause you're country. but I don't think you're going to make it far unless you get in an alliance. so work on that.

Kaitlin:: I get you and Amanda confused. I actually don't remember anything you've done so far.. so, there's that.

I'm excited for tonights episode, I can't wait to see who got the first mvp.
as far as next week's mvp, people might give it to Crea.. possibly Nick or Aaryn. I know I'll be voting for Nick.


  1. Oh, I have to check this out! I have watched German Big Brother once years ago but I am sure it is fun to check out the American version!

  2. Haha these are brutal and funny. I don't even watch the show, but I'm excited for your post every week!

  3. GinaMarie makes it hard to watch this show.

  4. I don't watch the show but it sounds like a hoot!

  5. You're honestly 100% spot on for all of them! Obvi I feel the exact same way! :)


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