Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Update - #LaneParty2013

worked. and prepped for our party.

our annual 4th of July party. "America, Fuck Yea" party if you will. or as many refer to it, Lane Party 2013. it was a great time.

there was corn hole, pong, fireworks, bonfire, country music, cold drinks, good food, great friends, and the best family. there was me walking all the way back to our fire pit without my flip flops or my drink before I realized I wasn't wearing flip flops nor did I have my drink. oops. there was pop rock jello shots. there was Randy and I going undefeated in pong. there was American Flags. there was rain and sunshine. there was my friend falling asleep on a slab of cement next to the fire.

there was pictures.

cousin Hayley.

Randy and Momma. red, white, and blue.
Shannon falling asleep on cement.

there was a huge gust of wind that basically came outta nowhere and the tent blew away and that's what it looked like in the morning.

I didn't take this picture, but a friend did. I have a video of the whole thing which I'm trying to upload to youtube currently. I'll post the vid on here once it's done. it was an awesome show, but since it rained the ground was wet so some of the fireworks misfired -no one got hurt though.

can't wait to see what Lane Party 2014 brings!


  1. This awesome, it looks so fun!!!

  2. That is one big flag!
    Pretty fireworks!thanks for sharing!
    Come say hi!

  3. Fun times! I love your flag and the cement sleeping photo.

  4. Definitely looks like a fun party!


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