Friday, July 12, 2013

diamonds are a girls best friend

a lot of people have been saying this is the worst part of the sports world. why? I mean, I understand that football hasn't begun yet, basketball and hockey are over, but baseball is happening. what's so bad about baseball? I personally love going to summer ball games.

I often talk about my Tribe boys. but today I'll break it down a bit more for ya.

my favorite Tribe players (past and present.)

Omar Vizquel. my favorite baseball player of all time. he was the first player I ever truly supported, in any sport. he's retired now, but he was a fantastic player. even helping my 95//97 boys make it to the World Series.

Jim Thome. what's a list of Indians players that doesn't include Mr. Jim Thome. I mean c'mon, the dude was a beast.

Asdrubal Cabrera. currently my favorite player. gotta stick with that #13, ya know? ACab is my homeboy.

Jack Hannahan. I'm SO pissed that he's not with the Indians anymore. like you don't even know. sure, he's not the greatest player but I don't care, he was one of my favorites. and I want him to come back home.

Kenny Lofton. like Jim Thome and Omar Vizquel, you just can't have a list of Tribe guys that doesn't include KLoft. he's Kenny mothereffen Lofton. (besides, he was Randy's favorite player.)

I could also recognize...

Ryan Raburn. you don't get much playing time, but I still think you're great. plus, your walk up song is country so you're good in my book.

Nick Swisher. "swishy" you're kinda crazy and I love it. keep bro-ing it up. brOhio baby!

Michael Brantley. you're a good player, and when I'm in my bleacher seats I can yell your name and you'll give me a wave (true story.)

if I keep going I could mention...

Bob Feller. Sandy Alomar. Albert Belle. Tito Francona.

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through Fan Friday :) I am SO with you...there is nothing wrong with Baseball! I'm a Red Sox fan and don't know much about the Indians, but my favorite (fictional) Indian is definitely Wild Thing from Major League hahaha.

    Happy Friday!! :)

  2. Omar Vizquel. 100%. Best Indians player ever- love him so much. I'm a huge Thome supporter too!! I was beyond excited when he came back last year!!!

  3. I do love the pants but I just don't love baseball like I love football. Takes too long. I'll still go and drink though! But I start to get antsy after awhile.

  4. Well, at least I know one of these players. :)

  5. I wrote about baseball today, too! The Tribe isn't my team, but I've always loved me some Kenny Lofton!

  6. Dang Kenny Lofton was a Brave for a while... wayyy back in the day! Your indians have definitely had some legends over the years.


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